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Take $350 dollars off any Teen Adventure Travel Program!

With the endless temptation for teens to bury their faces in a smartphone and scroll, the average teen is spending nearly nine hours a day with their faces glued to a screen. This is incredibly important, because several studies have demonstrated that excessive screen time may be changing the way our brains work, some of these changes discovered are the inability to focus or engage in meaningful discussions and one study even found a strong link with addiction to smartphones. We all know that if teenagers had it their way, many of them would probably choose a summer break that consists of hanging out with friends, watching television or playing video games, an occasional vacation, and, most importantly, avoiding schoolwork. You can't blame your teen for wanting to relax and enjoy their summer freedom, but that doesn't mean you can't also encourage them to try something that promotes personal improvement and social opportunities. As technology continues to play a major role in the upbringing of today's youth, summer camps remain an ideal opportunity for teen to unplug from their phones and computers and get active. Backcountry Unlimited consists of a variety of activities that promote exercise, mental engagement. As teens grow toward adulthood, camps provide them the opportunities to develop social skills in a more mature environment. Encouraging your teen to try a summer camp will put them in everyday social situations that can prepare them for college and beyond. Lastly, Backcountry Unlimited will help your teen push their limits. By offering physically challenging opportunities that will push your teens out of their comfort zone and in return provide a rewarding experience. It may be their first time away from home or first time traveling alone, or their first chance to test their physical and mental toughness. Whatever it is, the benefits often outweigh the cost. Sign up today to be part of our 2019 adventures, simply use coupon code: Bestsummer and take $350.00 off any adventure travel program. Hurry, as this deal expires on 03/01/2019.
Expires: Mar. 1st, 2019

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